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As blue as the purple can make us

November 6, 2015 in Reflections & Columns

By Bruce Strand, 2004 Okay, after a week to simmer down, some reflections on the Vikings’ ill-fated campaign of 2003: Since their inception in 1961 I’ve followed the Vikings every game of every season and can not recall a more traumatic loss than the Disaster…


November 6, 2015 in Sports Poems

Quothe the Redbird: Hope some more I wrote this parody of “The Raven” sometime in the 1980's and in reference to the Willmar Cardinals having a reputation…


November 6, 2015 in Sports Poems

By Bruce Strand, in 1967 for high school English A boy named Lad was big and bad. On basketball he thrived. For basketball, the lad was tall; He towered…